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Moovit Summer Internships 2020@LabSecIoT

Moovit Summer Internships 2020@LabSecIoT

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Moovit University Program

About Us

With significant increases each year, cyber attacks are already a recurrent and worrisome topic that is expected to become even worse with the growing phenomenon of IoT (Internet of Things) and the millions of new interconnected devices that will enter the world wide web. At LabSecIoT, we aim to study information security problems in these new digital infrastructures, particularly in the domain of Smart Cities, where most systems have been found lacking the necessary protection against cyberwarfare, and consequently devise, with the proper development and testing, possible solutions for said issues considering the usage of adequate security communication protocols, the implementation of efficient Access Control techniques and the integration of digital certification.

Current Challenges

  • Create a pedagogical framework to promote the innovation underlying the IoT concept development and, in particular, stimulate the security-by-design paradigm.
  • Develop conceptual and prototyping work for a "true smart city" based on an horizontal architecture and an all-inclusive philosophy underlined by high integration and high performance standards.
  • Create a virtual environment that is capable of integrating high numbers of small devices with different communication capabilities.
  • Design devices to work as sensors, being capable of acquiring information from the environment, such as humidity, temperature, light, etc...

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IoT Framework

These are the supporting features for our innovative development!


Adopting the best security-by-design practices to promote privacy and security, even with authentication enforced by certification, allows for a controlled level of trust.

Multi Protocols

Besides HTTP and MQTT (with or without certificates, tokens or passwords), a new lightweight and smart city oriented protocol is now available - the SCLP.

Data Orchestration

Related, useful and trustworthy information (generated by powerful algorithms) is provided, avoiding silos of information with an horizontal integrated solution.

Open API

A powerful, secure and real-time API delivers high-level relevant information (alongside its confidence ranking) as it is available (no pulling required).

Device Management

Real time device tracking and lifecycle maintenance is available by managing status, position, low-level data and other relevant information.

Dynamic Front End

A forward-thinking way to visualize information in real time built with cutting-edge libraries, to deliver the best user experience for decision-makers .

Current Projects

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Smart City Simulator

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Disposable IoTs

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SCLP Protocol

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Smart Mobility

Team Advisors

Henrique Santos DSI

Ana Paula Amorim DSI / DigitalSign

Ricardo Santos DigitalSign

Carlos Bravo DigitalSign

Current Developers

Carlos Gonçalves

Gonçalo Costa

Sandro Oliveira

Past Developers

Ricardo Santos

Carlos Bravo

João Rebelo

Joel Barbosa

Luís Ferreira

Founding Members

Urban Labs

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LabSecIoT is a research and development laboratory dedicated to the security of information in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities, founded and supported by a partnership between the Department of Information Systems from Universidade do Minho and DigitalSign SA (EU / eIDAS Qualified Trusted Service Provider)

Contact Information

LID2, Departamento de Sistemas de Informação
Escola de Engenharia da Universidade do Minho
Campus de Azurém, 4804-533 Guimarães

(00351) 966 558 055

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